Power Washing Headbanger

As Spring approached, I bugged the Pres to PLEASE power wash the house as soon as the weather warmed up because it was never done last Fall.  Well, a week ago, the weather warmed up and when I came home from the gym, the Pres said, "I power washed the house today."

ME:  "Great!  How did it come out?  Did all that mildew come off?"

THE PRES:  "I guess.  I didn't really see any."

Yes, I had to look.  Of course I had to look.  That's how I am.  So, outside I went to walk around the house.  When I got to the East side of the house, I noticed what appeared to be dust/dirt so I rubbed my hand on it.  "Hmmmm...must have missed a spot."  

When I came in, I said, "Well, the front (which faces North) and that side (pointing to the West) look great.  Did you do that side (pointing East)?"

THE PRES:  "No.  Why would I?  The sun hits that side."

ME laughing so hard at his answer finally got out the words:  "Did you really just say that?  Tell me that you didn't wash the South side either because the sun hits there too."

THE PRES:  "I didn't think it needed it."  (And, let me tell you, he was totally serious!!)

ME:  "Hon, go look at it.  I mean clean your glasses, open your eyes and you'll see how dirty it is."

THE PRES:   "I'll buy more bleach."

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Power Washing Headbanger

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