Forget the Yard Work

Saturday we finally got a break and actually had warm sunshine!  To me it was the most exhilarating thing that has happened lately.  Anxious to head outside and do some long overdue yard work, I grabbed my old tools, threw them in my wagon, along with the small shovel, my bag of potting soil and the planters and headed to the back yard.

Once I finished making all the planters up, I headed for the garden beds in the front...just to do a little weeding before I went.  (Like you, I've found that if I do a little several times a week, it seems easier.)  Dirty and grungy, I heard a faint "JP" in the distance.  It was our neighbor, "B" with his daughter walking up toward our house.  Opening the gate and exchanging hugs, he insisted that I walk back home with them for a piece of cake...WEDDING CAKE, that is!  They had "finally tied the knot" after five years.  CONGRATULATIONS to B & T...:)!!

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Forget the Yard Work

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Ann said…
I'll take cake over weeding and yard work any day.
What a nice treat after your day of working in the yard, JP, and congrats to the happy couple too.
Angie said…
JP - the yard work will still be there long after the cake is gone! Right choice! Congrats to the newlyweds!
Susie said…
Beautiful JP. Sunshine, gardening and wedding cake. I love it. Hope you are your sweet Pres are doing well. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
The cake looks delicious.

As an FYI, I don't know if you know about Bleubeard and Elizabeth's "T Stands For Tuesday" challenge at Altered Book Lover ( Every Tuesday, people share a "drink related post" which could be a glass of water, cup of tea, etc. It's a fun challenge and everyone is very welcoming and friendly.

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