Good Ideas

"Do you have a back-up laptop?" she asked.  My BFF's words stuck in my head for what seemed like forever.  After talking it over with the Pres, I finally touched base with my computer guy explaining what and why I wanted to get another laptop.  

A few weeks later I ordered the one he recommended and I dropped it at his place for a few upgrades.  While there (and because he knows "what I do") I asked if he had any suggestions for a "trade name" to use on my photos.  A week or so later, he suggested "Eagle Eye Images".  Because I loved it, his words stuck in my head so off to register I went.  Meanwhile I should be picking up "MrBig" soon and using that 17.3 inch workhorse.  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...
Good Ideas 
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Ann said…
Eagle eye images, I like it and it suits you perfectly

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