Weather affects every living thing. It has been raining...and raining...and raining here.  Our weather has not only been damp but also very chilly.  

Unfortunately like other species, eaglets can succumb to inclement weather and or bacteria in the nest easily.  Requiring almost constant incubation IF the weather is inclement, the first three weeks of an eaglet's life is crucial.  

Here it was four weeks and I'd been unable to confirm the number of chicks at the nest I monitor.  Trying to decipher how many chicks the adults have been tending to, I returned to the nest almost daily.  Staying only minutes when it was chilly and damp, and a little longer at sunset early one evening.  Still I saw nothing but the adult occasionally come off to perch on the rim for short times.  No movement of any chick was seen even although I'd eaten more than several gnats over the duration. 

Ten days passed and when I heard the forecast for this past Monday, I did NOT hesitate.  I did NOT dress for the gym.  Heading to the nest with anticipation, I set up my gear and waited.  Peering first through the spotting scope (which gives me the best magnification), then my binoculars (hanging around my neck), and finally the camera lens, I finally succeeded.  Labeling the shrunken version "I See TWO", I hit send on the email addressed to the people to whom I report my findings.  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...
I See Two
with you and those at


Hootin' Anni said…
They survived the storms...that's super!! Pray good health and survival continues. Thanks so much for sharing this update with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'
Ann said…
That's awesome.
Adam Jones said…
Great to see two are doing fine.
Sylvia said…
JP, I really enjoy seeing your posts about the eagles. They are one of your passions and I am grateful you share them with me. Sylvia D.

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