Reaping Rewards

Ct has exceeded it's historic rainfall numbers this Spring.  Rain, rain, and more rain has literally put a damper on everything...yard work, the Pres' mowing, and simply kicking back and enjoying the warm sunshine.  

However, I will say that Pres' grass is GREEN and today we had some sun which I was finally able to get out and enjoy, although a storm is rolling in late tomorrow.

To make matters worse, my sinus' were acting up again and while I thought I could keep myself occupied with my laptop while recuperating, I'm now having problems with my photo editing may be a Windows 10 thing...not yet sure.  Anyway, until I get everything squared away, my brain is working overtime.  I just cannot wait to get back on track (although not these tracks shown in the pix).

Yet today just being able to walk outside in the moist and soggy lawn and feel the warmth from the sun was rewarding, let alone to see that I have tons of Jack-in-the-Pulpits, Adder's Tongue, and Trillium emerging in the wooded section of the yard.  Spending a good part of the afternoon enjoying all the rewards from all that rain, I just had to share.

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Reaping Rewards

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Susie said…
JP, We finally had two days in a row. of sunshine. I have loved it. Although all I did was dig dandelions and wild violets out . I did cut some lilacs to take to my daughter. Hope it stops raining so much , so Pres can mow and you can sit in the sun. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Stewart M said…
Please send any rain that you do not want! We have had the driest start to winter on record. It makes walking home from work easier, but its not a good thing!

Love the green.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
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