Starting Small

"Kittens have to start small," Laura (my Vet tech) said to me after I told her how Katniss seems obsessed with bugs.  Known as "my little rodent,"and nearly 8 months old, Katniss sits in front of the DR slider and watches...hour after hour after hour.  Thinking that spot would become her favorite because of the five bird feeders within 50 feet, I learned early on that it wasn't the birds she was watching.  She LOVES bugs!

After a bug lands on the glass or screen, you'll here smacking against the glass.  She actually launches herself from a sitting position and leaps up to about four feet trying to catch them!  Hours and hours pass and she's still at it.  Meanwhile, the other day, I thought we would really be in for some entertainment when I spotted a fly in the house.

Minutes later, there was "my little rodent" sitting on the LR window.  Seeing her tilting her head side to side in wonderment as she starred down at the sill, I got up from the couch to investigate.  There was the fly...dead.  I think Katniss was expecting it to wake up and play some more.

This little bundle of fur also thinks that she can't be seen if she can't see you.  I remember when my kids were small and we played hide and seek, they thought that I couldn't see them when they covered their eyes.  Well, honestly I don't know if it's because she's a kitten or if that's what a cat thinks because when I'm in the bathroom, she waltzes in and disappears between the shower curtain and the shower curtain liner.  Then I say, "I can see you" and out she comes!

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Starting Small

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*haha* Love reading about kitty's antics, JP. Seeing pictures of Katniss makes me want to get another kitty (our 16yo Mistletoe passed last August & I still miss him). Thank you and please keep posting about your precious furbaby. Love, Andrea xoxo
Sylvia said…
JP. Katniss is doing so well. I am so glad you rescued her. Sylvia D.
eileeninmd said…

Your Katniss is adorable. I am so happy she has a loving home now. Cute photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. ENjoy your day and weekend.
Oh, Miss Katniss is such a joy! They do strange things sometimes but they're entertaining anyway. You've been busy at your house the last couple of weeks. I'm so glad Stewart helped you with your camera and lenses. He does take some greats photos.

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