YIKES!  How in Heaven's name did I accumulate so much "stuff"?  When I can't work outside whether it's because of the weather or because of my nasty Spring sinus', I often resort to reducing my stash pf stuff.  Sure, the annual "curbside pick-up" is slated for our neck of the woods which helps tremendously yet the remainder ends up being dropped either at Salvation Army and/or the nearby clothing bins.

Stuffing one bag at a time with clothes, and shoes, I then carried them out to my car so they were all ready to go.  There were even a few things that had to boxed up.

However, I didn't want to get rid of everything in this bag.

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Gayle said…
I should think not. Cutie
Neighborhood Yard Sale next week so I too have been sifting and sorting.
Doesn't it feel wonderful to purge, JP?! So freeing. And I wouldn't "purge" that kitty either... soooo cute!! :) Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
I often wonder how I managed to accumulate so much stuff. I'm slowly but surely working on getting rid of things.
Serious looking little fellow. No, don't get rid of that.
Your cat is adorable. They are always curious to get into whatever we're doing. :-)
betty-NZ said…
'Stuff' is always a hard thing to deal with. But, it's satisfying to know that it will go to someone who will appreciate it. Good luck with your sorting :)

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