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Visiting the nest on 06/19/19 to get an idea of how well developed the chick was, it was obvious that it would be fledging soon.  Based on the 77 day rule and assuming it hatched around the 10th of April, that would make today, the 26th it's fledge date.  Bald Eagle chicks typically fledge between 10-12 weeks, although not one nest I've ever observed fledged at 10 weeks.  They have always taken their first flight in week 11.

Arriving at the nest at 11:00 AM on Monday 06/24/19, I saw no chick.  It was not perched in any nearby trees, nor could it be seen at the nest.  After 30 minutes passed, I emailed the folks I send my data to with a subject line of "Assumed Fledge."

However, not quite convinced, I decided to hang around hoping that if it had fledged, I would see it return to the nest to feed when the adults brought it food.  Suddenly at 12:04 pm, a wing and a head popped up from the nest.  It was hunkered down...taking a mid-morning nap!!  Emailing everyone that I was retracting my first email, I decided I would stay to observe.

The young Eagle remained active until I left shortly after 1:00 pm.  Mesmerized by the elegance of their wing movement, let alone the fact that I could observe them for hours, the time flew.

So, no, it hasn't fledged YET but I'm speculating it will be this week.  (Last years chicks fledged 07/01/18.)  

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Any Day Now

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Looks like your eaglet is "wingercizing" tho. *lol* Wonderful! My hubby & I are watching the progress of an eaglet on YouTube and have been since before he hatched. How wondrous of a process it is. I can't imagine how wondrous in-person! Love, Andrea xoxo
You are very lucky to get to observe the Bald Eagle nest. Maybe the farther north the nest, the longer it takes before they fledge. (i.e. maybe in FL it's 10 weeks, but here in CT it's 11 weeks.) I haven't seen the adult Bald Eagle in Easton since that lone day back in May.
Michelle said…
A wonderful thing to be able to watch.

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