Don't TOUCH MY Chicken

We've been together a long time...the Pres and I.  And although we can and often do (believe it or not) work well together, we are definitely not "cut from the same cloth."  While I am "particular" about certain things and feel that there's a place for everything, the Pres likes to "jam and cram".  

Having a reputation for being "Pig Pen's" brother...huge dust ball with lots of fingerprints seem to follow him around the house. And it was those fingerprints that gave him away recently.

A few weeks ago, I asked the Pres to grill some chicken breasts that I'd been marinating.  Placing them in a dated zip lock bag after cooling I stashed them in the freezer in the kitchen.  

Days passed and one day, I was in the mood for a nice chicken Caesar salad.  Slicing and dicing my way through all my veggies, it was time get a piece of chicken and warm it to savory perfection.  However, when I reached into small kitchen freezer, my chicken was NOT where I'd put it.  It was nowhere to be found!  Hmmmmm????

It seems that the Pres decided to rearrange the freezer to accommodate his stash of breads.  He left my frozen blueberries and spinach in there as well as my bag of coffee beans, but moved my chicken to the freezer in the garage!!

That night, when we talked about my missing chicken, he told me he likes his bread in the kitchen so less steps are taken to get at it.  Really?!?!?!?!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Don't Touch MY Chicken

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Well you could rearrange the freezer to move his favorite things, JP, or maybe set aside a dedicated spot in the kiyptchen freezer for each of you? We also have our own ways of doing things, doesn’t every couple?
Oh, the joys of married life, huh? We all have them.
Ann said…
LOL, I can't help it this just cracks me up

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