Shadows & Sticks

This past Spring, thanks to all the rain we got, my wildflowers I've babied did excellent.  This year, the Trillium was BEAUTIFUL.  Everything I cared about I needed to mark somehow so they would become casualties.  You see, the Pres doesn't really watch where he's walking, what he's walking on, where or what he's weed whacking, and where and what he's running over with the mower.

In fact, he's told me that I must have some Native American in me since I mark everything with sticks.  Although yesterday, I had to resort to a wooden stake with colored ribbon attached.  He ran one one of the baby hydrangeas Friday...:(

 just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Shadows & Sticks

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Ann said…
Wade used to run things over with the mower too. I would yell at him for it and he would say he didn't know they were there. The next week, same thing. He still didn't know they were there
Linda said…
I have the same problem. Bought those garden decorations with metal butterflies and such on stakes but pretty soon they were mangled. I gave up on some of my plants. Sad.

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