The New Screen Room

Finding our first screen room the most used room in the house, the Pres and I always enjoyed sitting out there eating lunch or supper.  When we moved to Virginia, we had a smaller screen room but it was big enough for a small table, and a few chairs to enjoy the peace and quite that surrounded us.  However, this house didn't come with one but having the pergola that Pres built last year is almost as good.  Between the pergola covered patio and the decks out the back of the house shaded by a huge awning when needed, there is lost of space for outdoor enjoyment.

The other day, when I was in Walmart, I came across a portable screen room...not for us...for Katniss!  Introducing her to it in the house, when I opened it, she ran and hid.  

Setting it up near her favorite spot, it was just a matter of time for this curious cat to check it out.  It was when I saw her lying down inside that I knew it just might work.

Wondering how she would do with in once out on the deck, a few days later, it was time for the maiden voyage.  To avoid her tipping it over, I secured it with a bungee to the railing.  She loved it!!  Spellbound by the bluebirds darting back and forth and the ornamental grasses blowing in the morning breeze, she was out there all morning.

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The New Screen Room
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Wow, I didn't know they made these things for cats, but what a great idea.
That really is ...COOL! What a lucky cat!
Michelle said…
Awwww...this is so nice. I know she loved it! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.
Now, is miss priss spoiled or what? Hey, I'd do the same thing.
Ann said…
What a great way for her to be able to enjoy the outdoors
Aritha said…
What a nice portable screen room. Love the color!
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