The Recluse...A Story

Like other youngsters, Katniss has developed quite a personality.  Occasionally we play hide seek although her favorite pastime is still obsessing over the bugs outside the screen door.  She has now been introduced to carpenter bees and in the evening, the bats keep her glued to the slider long after my bedtime.  

Yesterday morning while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I noticed her just staring at the threshold between the laundry room and the hallway.  Walking over to where she was, I saw what she was focused on.  A motionless spider apparently had become her latest victim. 

When I told the Pres of her latest conquest, he said, " It's about time she earned her keep."

Did I tell you about a friend of ours and his recent discovery?  Our friend had done some yard work near a well wooded area and a few days later, after detecting swelling and pain on either side of his spine, he went to the ER.  It was lanced and "cleaned".  Days later he went to his doctor still complaining of pain and swelling.  After telling him that the woman who treated him in the ER should be fired, his doctor drained a half cup of black dead tissue from his back, saying that if he'd waited until after the Memorial holiday weekend, the venom could have impacted the nerves in his spine.  He'd been bitten by a Brown recluse spider.

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The Recluse...A Story

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eileeninmd said…

Those spider bites can be dangerous, I know someone had a bite and it took forever to heal. Your Katniss is a sweetie. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!
Ann said…
Oh my word, how scary is that. You go to the hospital thinking they know what they are doing but quite obviously whoever treated your friend didn't
Brown recluse bites are nasty and are very dangerous. Thank goodness he went back for more care. Sure hope he heals completely.

I just love Katniss. Can I kidnap her?
I know how deadly their venom is,JP, and where they thrive. A friend of mine had a relative who was dying from cancer. He was bit by something on his leg while lying in his bed at home. He was hospitalized and treated for the bite once diagnosed. He died shortly after and my friend feels it was a result of the bite. This caused me to pore over every bit of info on this critter. I try not to let my imagination run wild.

We live near the woods and water. My kids often flip out over various bugs and what have you in the house. I try to make them understand it's just a part of life in the country. I keep antihistamine and an epi pen in the medicine chest at all times. It's not always the answer but it helps.

Thanks for a reminder about how dangerous these spiders can be, JP. Kudos to Catniss for catching a spider and hopefully no poisonous ones.
Angie said…
Yikes, this is a scary story. I am in the woods all the time and with my long hair, I am always a touch paranoid that something or other has jumped on for the ride. Since moving here, I have become much more fastidious about checking myself over - this is another thing to add to the list!

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