Better Than Any Movie

Watching what goes on outside my slider has always been a favorite pastime when I'm up in the kitchen or DR.  All I have to do is look at Katniss and watch her body language, and I can tell there is something "out there that's better than any movie"on TV.

First there's one of my favorite visitors...the darn rabbits.  As you can one of the adults has become very brazen.  I'm waiting for it to come up to the slider and confront Katniss.  When she spots "Harry" she no longer bristles her tail or twitches the tip** incessantly.  Not only do we have adults that made an awesome den underneath my triangle of hydrangeas, the babies have been running amok too!  

Then this week, not only was the lone turkey I called a "looser" last year, it brought it's family to visit the base of the bird feeders.  Just what I need more losers who cannot find their way out of the yard!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Better Than Any Movie

with you and those at

**Image result for cats tails meaning


eileeninmd said…

Love the bunny and the turkeys. You have some great visitors. I like the kitty language chart. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!
It is great to see so many rabbits in our area this year; they have obviously had a great breeding season, but they can make my wife pull her hair out when they chow down in the garden.
That's funny that the turkey came back this year with the whole family. That rabbit looks like it's as brazen as my squirrels. They've been getting into my bird feeder, and as my "war" with them escalates, they continue to win the battles: I got a squirrel baffle and somehow the smart one got past it. (I have yet to see how he did it, so I can come up with a new deterrent to whatever he's doing.) I like that cartoon showing what the different cat tail motions mean. When the tip of my cat's tail starts twitching while I'm petting him, I take it as a message that he's had enough.
Ann said…
It's a double feature between the rabbits and the turkey. I was going to ask if Loser was the turkey who couldn't figure out how to get over the fence

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