Caged "Kat"

Struggling to stay awake, Katniss stretched her front paws one more time before her eyes closed.  Just as I raised the phone to take a pic, she stretched her hind legs, then she stretched her hind legs and spread each of those five toes before her head, once again, settled in the corner of the crate.  All was quite until a house fly showed up.  Each time the fly landed on the cage, she stood up, chattering her teeth (which I've been told is a sign of excitement in a cat) and chased it away. Finally it flew off and she went back to her favorite corner, lowering her head slowly.

I know.  How could I put her in a cage?  But, she has so much more room and it is so much more stable that I just had to give it a try.  After getting her used to her small screen house, one day I asked the Pres to get the large dog crate we had up in the attic of the garage. She transitioned wonderfully. 

It stays out on the deck all the time and although the Pres doesn't know it yet, I'm going to ask him if I can grab the four wheeled platform from his garage, making it very easy to move.

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Caged "Kat"

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Ann said…
That's a great way for her to be able to enjoy the outdoors and still be safe.
She's a beautiful cat. Good idea to use the large cage, so she can enjoy being outside, but still be safe. My cat is 100% indoors. I know he would like to get outside if he could, but it's too dangerous in many ways. He likes looking out the windows, and chatters at birds when he sees them. (I didn't know that meant they are excited, so thanks for sharing that.)
Michelle said…
Nice and safe outdoor time for her.
That would be a great way for an indoor cat to get some outdoor time. When we lived next to a park in Los Angeles there were lots of coyotes. We lost so may indoor/outdoor cats that we decided our last cat would become indoor only. When he was younger that was a huge challenge. Any open door was fair game, and he would hide on the loft of the garage (where we kept his litter box) and wait for me to come home from work. As he got older he didn't are much, and after he started living with my Mom in a condo all ideas about outdoors fled from his mind, except when he came up to the float cabin. He could roam outdoors in complete safety, surrounded by water. The only problem was when it was time to go back to town. He would zip under the deck and hide on the log structure. Not an easy place to catch him. - Margy
Sounds like a good indoor-outdoor solution. Around my home, there are occasional coyotes and eagles. Not a safe environment for a cat to be outdoors. Katniss is a beauty. Love the name!
My post features photos from Mount Rainier Natl Park.
eileeninmd said…

It is a great way Kat can enjoy the outdoors and the birds can stay safe.
Have a great day!
I agree with what Ann said... outside but safe! The only trouble is... once a cat gets used to sniffing the fresh air and being "outside", then they have a tendency to dart for the doors when they're opened. I never wanted the hassle so that's why I never introduced our cats to the outdoors. Whenever someone would open the front or back doors, they would run for the safety of underneath a bed. *haha* Love, Andrea xoxo
Hootin' Anni said…
Awwwww, she is SO precious! Or should I say PURRecious.

BTW...I'm 70. Not far behind you.

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