Free Ride

During this humid weather, I didn't spend much time outside.  Taking advantage of my indoor time, it was a good opportunity for me to catch up some housework.  Each time I peered out the window, I would see either the rabbits or the family of "looser" turkeys devouring my yard.  However they didn't eat weeds.  They were growing like crazy while I dusted, vacuumed, mopped floors and dust mopped.

Our entire house has hardwood flooring because of my allergies.  Other than a close to room size rug in my "office" (spare bedroom), all I have is thrown rugs, making dust mopping essential.  Making my way through the house, I generally start with the LR, DR, kitchen and master bedroom which is on the main level of the house.  Then I do the staircase making my way downstairs.  It really goes along quiet quickly as long as things don't get in my way....things like this...:)

"Katniss you cannot sit on the dust mop and go for a ride!!"

just seeing, saying, and sharing...
Free Ride
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Ann said…
Some fur balls are easier to dust mop away than

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