Getting My Wings

Sitting in my chair facing the bird feeders, there I was, waiting AGAIN for my opportunity to get a bird in flight.  A very handsome male Cardinal flew to the nearby oak.  I missed it.

While it perched on the branch looking for caterpillars (I think), I remained in my chair...waiting.

And then it flew.  As you can see, at least I got SOME WINGS..LOL!!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Getting My (aka Some) Wings

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Ann said…
Patience pays off. I've tried to get them in flight and usually end up with a blur or empty sky.
Hootin' Anni said…
That's awesome!!

Thanks for linking with us this week (at I'd Rather B Birdin')
It is difficult to capture an image of a bird in flight, and you need some pretty decent equipment too. But if you don't get the picture you still see a beautiful bird, so you win whatever happens.

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