History Repeats Itself

Getting Katniss has been an "eye-opening" experience to say the least.  Although over the weekend, when the Pres and I were at the restaurant celebrating our oldest granddaughter's HS graduation and college send-off (so proud of my "jellybean"!!), I was telling my stepdaughter and "jellybean" what happened the other day when I couldn't find Katniss.  They listened intently (especially my stepdaughter who had told me how her Dad used to kick their cat when they were young, although the Pres denies ever doing such a thing).  This is the way it happened....

I hadn't seen her in several hours which is very unusual so I began to call her name as I wandered through the house.  Looking upstairs in all her secret hiding spots and then combing the downstairs, I came back up the stairs and said to the Pres, "Have you seen Katniis?  I can't find her anywhere.  I haven't seen her in a few hours"

The Pres:  "No."

Heading back downstairs (where my office is and she and I hang out, this time I even looked under my bed.  She was nowhere to be found.  So, I went back upstairs and again said, "Hon, I can't find her anywhere.  She didn't sneak out when you came in, did she?"

Continuing to hold the newspaper in front of his face, he said, "Well, my foot may have hit her when I came in through the slider and she may have gotten scared."
Ahhhhhh...the truth had emerged and my hunt became more intense because now I was pissed.  Thankful that I found her, she was fine and I learned of yet another hiding spot.  She was hunkered down on the spare cushions for the outdoor furniture...:).

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

History Repeats Itself

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That's a great photo of her. Whenever I can't find my cat, I shake the dry cat food container, and he comes running. (He's an indoor cat, and my house is small, but every blue moon, he "vanishes" and I panic, wondering where he could be, when he doesn't come when I call his name. But the sound of his food always gets him to come out. At this point, I think I know all of his hiding places.)
Ann said…
His foot "may" have hit her....lol Such a guy answer.
Michelle said…
A cutie! Nothing like having a cat around. Thanks for linking up.
eileeninmd said…
Poor Katniss. I am glad she is ok. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

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