Hungry Buggers

Hot, humid and what almost seems like a lack of air has been exhausting, hasn't it?  Discovering that if I waited to do about an hour or two of yard work until after 7 pm it was a little easier, that's what I've been doing.  Well, that and fighting those darn Japanese Beetles, who virtually destroyed some of my perennials, has been keeping me busy in the evenings.  The once lush greenery became skeletonized and the flowers were literally shredded by the hungry buggers!! 

While the Cardinals seem to be enjoying the caterpillars that have recently emerged, the robins, sparrows, catbirds, woodpeckers, and blue-jays are having a field day with the beetles.

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Hungry Buggers
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Watching this little Downy Woodpecker one afternoon pick away at the post holding the Wren's abode, I  couldn't help but think, "what hungry buggers they are too."


Ann said…
I haven't seen as many Japanese beetles around since I got rid of the pool but we sure used to have a ton of them. I was constantly scooping those things out of there
sandyland said…
relaxing for me
eileeninmd said…

I have not noticed the Japanese Beetles lately. I love all your birds, especially the woodies. Thank you for linking up your post today. Thanks also for all your visits and past comments! Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend.
If that Downy Woodpecker could get into the nest box he wouldn't mind having a snack of baby wrens either.
R's Rue said…

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