Soaking Bulbs

Back in June, after seeing a friend's Poppies light up his yard, I decided that I would, once again, give them a try.  Heading to all the local nurseries as well as WalMart and Home Depot, I found none until I got to my favorite nursery.  They had two left.  I bought them and yes, they flowered.  Elated, I went online and ordered some seeds from Amazon.  As usual, while searching I came across some bulbs that I thought would be gorgeous if planted on the East side of the house in the small bed.  The seeds arrived and I sprinkled them here and there so lets hope.  Meanwhile the bulbs didn't ship until they it was time plant them here.  Upon receipt, I read the instructions that came with them which said they needed to soak in warm water for several hours before planting.  Of course, when I took the photo, I didn't expect to see the other "bulb" in the water...LOL!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Soaking Bulbs

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You always manage to get interesting photos.
Dragonstar said…
I used to love planting new things, though I've no space for that now. Nice reflections.

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