The Lightweight

A few weeks ago, I had a virus of some sort.  What began as achy joints and feeling feverish turned into nausea, sinus pressure, dizziness, lightheaded and just overall being "out if it."  When I closed my eyes to sleep, it was as if I was hallucinating, seeing swirls of color slowly move across what appeared to be a huge puddle (unlike the beautiful pond shown here).

When I texted Boss to tell him I wouldn't be able to work the upcoming weekend, and described my symptoms, he reminded me about electrolytes.  You see, because of the nausea, I hadn't eaten or had much to drink in days.  It was then that I mentioned it to the Pres and asked to see the box of medicine he'd been giving me.   Bringing me the "PM" meds, I asked where the "AM" ones were to which he replied, "I haven't been giving you those.  I figured you needed to sleep."  Then it hit me...unbeknownst to me the Pres had been giving me the "PM" drugs 24/7 for four wonder I was looped! 

Well, once I figured out why I felt so "spaced" I asked him to not give me those "blue" pills and only give me my sinus med (which has 1/4th of the dose).  Within two days, I was up moving around, eating, drinking and feeling my old self again.  Of course, once the dizziness and lighheadedness were gone, I was no longer nauseous.    Within a few days it was time to take a nice morning hike in the woods to really clear the mind.                                                                 
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The Lightweight

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Linda said…
Oh dear! Medicine can be problematic.

The final image is marvelous.
biebkriebels said…
The woods look mystical with those shadows.
eileeninmd said…

It is no fun being sick. I am glad you have your pills straightened out and are feeling better. Love the view of the lake. Cute bunny! The shadow shots are beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! PS, thanks so much for leaving me a comment.
sandyland said…
tranquil for sure my kind of lace
So sorry for the bad round. He was trying to help, though. Glad you're back mostly to normal and out and about.
Wonderful photos. I love all of the water lilies in the first one. Your reaction to the cold and /or medicine sounded kind of scary. Did you check to see if you had a fever, with the hallucinating going on? (Also, I hope it wasn't Lyme Disease from a tick bite. If no one else you know had a virus / cold at the same time as you, you might want to be tested for it, just to be on the safe side. The initial symptoms after a bite can mimic flu like symptoms, and people don't always get the bull's eye on their skin.)
Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have a nice chat with your honey and explain the importance of giving meds ECACTLY as prescribed.

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