Try, Try Again

This time, I was determined to get a few shots of my resident Ruby Throated hummingbirds.  Setting the camera on my tripod using a "quick release" (I now know what that is and how to use it so please be impressed because I am...LOL!), I aimed it at the feeder, tightened the ball head and began my wait.

  Just an aside here.  Telling a photographer friend (a REAL photographer) who goes to the same gym as I do about my new camera and tripod, as well as my faux pas, he suggested that I get a couple of quick release plates and explained why.  I purchased two but it took me FOREVER to figure out how easy they are to work...guess that's why they're called "quick release"...LOL).  Between the help that Stewart gave me and Norm's input, I am hoping that I can become more proficient at using my new equipment and help prepare me for next year's Eagle season.  And just one more thing...Eagles beat their wings a lot slower so they have been an easy target all these years.  Anyway...

I am actually pretty pleased with this pix.  At least, this bird has outstretched wings!

This is the shot that cracks me up.  The little guy looks as if he's a mutant, doesn't he?

And this one is almost as comical. It reminds me of a dirigible airship (with wings...blurry, but winged none the less).

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Try, Try Again

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Looks to me like you did pretty well with the pictures already. You have almost frozen their wings.
Gayle said…
Neat captures. I've been trying the same subject the last couple days. None to publish yet.
And I didn't know what a quick release plate was. Googled and discovered that's the nifty little thing that came on my tripod and I have been using for years. Just didn't know it had a name. haha.
Catching these guys is hard. When I attempt it, I just shoot a whole bunch of pictures and hope one of them caught something worth viewing. You'll get better as you practice for sure.
Ann said…
Well you are two steps ahead of me because I don't even know what a quick release plate is.
Great photos of the hummingbird. I'm glad you figured out how to get the shots. (I'm not that advanced yet. Any successful in flight motion shots I get are pure luck.)
Anni said…
You KNOW I am impressed...that just goes without saying. It's a given. And your photos of your hummer are super.

Thanks for taking time to link in at I'd Rather B Birdin'.
Lea said…
Great photos!
It is amazing how fast Hummingbirds zip around!

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