Voicing Frustration

A Few weeks ago, I asked Sandra (aka Mad Snapper) for some serious HELP with my blog.  For the longest time I wasn't getting anyone's comments, which meant I couldn't respond to anyone once the commented.  I emailed her and in the subject line, I put "Pick Your Brain".

Quickly responding, she told me what I had to do to resolve the problem.  Following her directions, I played with the settings as she instructed and for the past few weeks, I've been receiving notification when someone leaves a comment making me very pleased.

However, she also told me that... 

"yes, it changes. go to dashboard/settings/email and delete your email address and SAVE, add it back and SAVE, then you get an email to click Subscribe or not. if you click subscribe it will fix it.  once in a while if you get updates it will mess it up and you have to do it again."

Fast forward to today Tuesday 07/23/19...yep, here we go again!  I once again deleted my email, saved, then put it back in and saved.  Getting a response from "The Blogger Team," I don't mean to sound unappreciative of all their hard work, but REALLY?????

So, today I am telling everyone that if I don't respond to your comment, give me some time to figure it out...AGAIN.

Speaking of updates, I have two laptops and both run Windows 10.  Whenever there is an update, it changes settings on my laptop that were put there for a reason.  Sometimes it's hard for 'A Quiet Corner" to remain quiet.


R's Rue said…
All the time you need.
Ann said…
I totally understand updating and keeping fixing problems or improving but I find it totally annoying how many times they have to do updates.

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