A Little Voice

Several of my friends have recommended this over the years, and for whatever reason, I've never tried it.  Yet, when I was in the grocery store recently, it seemed to be calling my name as I passed.  Hey, JP, I'm the Almond Butter everyone has told you about.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

A Little Voice

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Ann said…
I"ve never tried it. So was it worth trying, and will you buy it again?
I've never tasted almond butter, but when I was young I would visit my great uncles almond ranch in Northern California. I loved to pick unripe almonds and pry them out of the green husk that covered the soft shell. Inside was a soft almond he called "in the milk." - Margy
James said…
Great shadows and reflections!

I'll stick with peanut butter. ;-)

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