A New Game...A Story

With school rapidly approaching, when my son and DIL asked if I could watch my granddaughter, I cancelled the hair appointment made two months ago and said, "Absolutely."  Nearing eleven, my granddaughter is the easy one to "watch."  Harley Jean, on the other hand, might be another story. I always learn something new about Harley Jean whenever I "watch" her too. 

Now 18 months, their Great Dane/Lab mix, weighing a mere 79 lbs, and whose strength could probably pull the Pres' Dodge diesel, was waiting for me at the front door.  Her deep "woof" echoing through the storm door as I approached told me to prepare myself for her normal zealous greeting.  Filled with energy and exuberance, I knew this time to put down everything I was carrying as soon as I entered the house.  She loves Nana...:)  

Surviving the kisses from Harley, and with my granddaughter waiting her turn for a warm hug and kiss, things calmed down and Harley lay in her bed as I took a seat next to Mia at the kitchen island.  My son was toasting us corn muffins and Harley knew if she was good that my son would toss her a corner of toast before he left for work. 

Soon it was mid-morning and time to take Harley outside since my son had left before "her time to go out." Trotting to her favorite spot and doing her business, it was on our way back to the house when she just dropped to the ground.  I mean the girl just simply collapsed as if she'd fainted.  Rolling in the cool morning grass, not yet shaded by the large red maple, she looked up at me as if to say..." I have a great idea, Nana.  Lets play a new game.  It's called "drag-a-dog" and this is how we play.  I lie in the grass on my side and you see if you can pull me back to the house.  Come on Nana...PULLLLLLLL."  Taking this pic with my phone, I sent it to my son telling him she wants to play "drag-a-dog".  Sending me back this GIPHY saying, "She'll win every time, Mom."
I was however able to get her up and motivated by tossing a small stick toward the house, and, unlike the woman shown above, got her back in.  After we all ate lunch, I put her outside.  She loves lying in the cool grass and just sniffing, listening and watching for intruders.
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A New Game...A Story
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Funny story. She's a beautiful dog.
eileeninmd said…
Cute story. She is a beautiful dog. Wishing you a happy day!
Ann said…
LOL, so glad to hear you didn't end up like that poor lady in the animation

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