Corralling the Neglected

A lot of you already know the background of my houseplant, the Crown of Thorns.  For those who don't, it was part of an arrangement that was given to me as a going away gift.  You see, I'd applied for a position resulting in relocating from Connecticut to SW Virginia for my job at the bank.  One of my Financial Centers gave me this beautiful arrangement with 7 or eight plants in it as a going away gift and many of my plants I have today, are the originals that were in the arrangement.  Of course, back in 2003, the size of the plants was on average 3-4 inches. Today, the small piece of rubber plant  is now 4', the Crown of Thorns is 3', and what was once a small piece of Christmas Cactus is now two huge plants, etc.  Hopefully you get the picture of how happy they were living with me for 16 years...:)

I do not cater to my houseplants.  In fact, I neglect the...always have.  However, lately my Crown of Thorns has been subjected to a lot of neglect and mistreatment.  WHY?  Katniss, that's why!!

Ever since Katniss moved in, she's been attracted to the plants.  Spraying her with water deterred her through the kitten stage.  However, the past few weeks "my little rodent" wouldn't leave this particular plant alone.  Each morning when I got up, there was a mess in the DR...a mess created by Katniss.  She was shredding leaves from the Crown of Thorns!

Afraid she would get sick because the plant is poisonous to pets, I needed to do something.  The end result may not be pretty but so far it's worked.  Using suggested methods, #1 and #3 from  4 Ways to Get Cats From Eating Houseplants, I literally watched "my little rodent" walk up to the plant sniff it, then walk away.  Yes, spraying the leaves with a very weak mixture of white vinegar and water and sprinkling cayenne pepper in the plant seemed to do the trick.  

Meanwhile, the Pres said, "Don't worry I'll fix her wagon,"as he headed out the front door.  Returning an hour later, in he walked with a piece of vinyl lattice and trim.  "Now lets see what she does," he said flopping in his recliner.

My guess?  She'll either climb the lattice or try to jump in.  What do you think "my little rodent" will do?

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Corralling the Neglected


Ann said…
Your plants all look wonderful. I'm betting that Katniss is going to find that lattice very entertaining to climb on and I'm also betting she will spend time on both sides of it.
Michelle said…
Love seeing all of your plants. Good luck with Katniss :)
carol l mckenna said…
Not sure the lattice will deter her but hubby is creative and she does need protecting from the poisonous plants ~ I think I would just give the plant away ~ ^_^

Happy Day to YOu,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
There is no doubt. She was probably inside that thing before your back was turned. The plant is gorgeous though. I get careless with my plants and it shows when they start looking puny.

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