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The day I took these photos is the day I met David.

Hoping to get the early morning mist on such a humid day, as soon as I finished my coffee, I went to take a few shots.  Driving on the all to familiar windy road, I slowed down rather abruptly when I saw a man walking.  After I passed him, I thought, Was he carrying a bird?  Did I really see a bird?  Darn, it sure did look like a hawk. I wonder if it was injured.  Then my brain said, Never mind, focus , forget birds, keep going so you don't get there too late for soon the sun would melt away the mist.

Once at my destination, this was waiting for me...I loved the scene and as I snapped away, the I told the DEEP crew that this place was breathtaking in the early morning hours and that I'd made it just in time.  He said, "It is pretty spectacular, isn't it?".  Grabbing a few more pix, I was glad the two young men appreciated what was out there.  You do know that some people are just too busy to see what's around us and the value it adds and/or can add to our lives.

Yet it was when I was heading home that I thought about the man with the bird.  Sure enough along the straightaway, I spotted the same man I'd seen earlier and he was carrying a bird!  Slowing down to a complete stop, I rolled down the passenger window so as to not startle the bird, and hoping he would stop.  He did.

Exchanging phone numbers after talking for thirty minutes or so, I discovered that he and I know so many of the same people.  To summarize...he's a falconer; he was carrying a red-tail that he rehabs (and hunts) because it's blind in one eye; I have an open invitation to not just watch but learn from him.  Yes, I plan on touching base with David, another new friend who shares a respect and admiration for raptors.  And it was when he said, "Well JP, although semi-retired, I have found that this adds value to my life," that I knew we would become good friends.

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Hawk Eye

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One more thing... Falconry involves capturing, training, and housing birds of prey for use in hunting. ... Most beginners start with either a kestrel or a red tail hawk


Great photos and wonderful story about meeting David and his hawk. I love seeing mist rising off of the water first thing in the morning. There is a lot of beauty in nature, if we all just take the time to stop and look around. (Despite my best efforts when I'm out with my camera, a lot of times I still miss things.) I also like seeing fog rising off of the snow, which only happens when the temperature conditions are just right, which isn't often (or at least that I've noticed).

I always enjoy reading your blog posts.
Michelle said…
That's a pretty cool encounter. I hope to see more posts about this!!!
betty-NZ said…
What a wonderful experience that lead to friendship! Your photos are awesome, so mystical but beautiful.

I enjoyed your post at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World
Lady Fi said…
Such peaceful shots!

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