Her Own Room

Remember the little "screen house" I bought Katniss a few months ago?  Well, since she and I now spend time out on the deck with her in the large dog crate, the little red screen house sat idly in the DR near the slider.  Lately goes into her screen house to nap.  My yard rubbers, (in which she places toys) sit in the doorway and she sprawls out.

(Since this photo was taken, her cuddle bed is in now in the house too!  I caught Katniss struggling to get it past my rubbers so how could I not help her move furniture into her own room???)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...
Her Own Room
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This is a great photo. I'm glad she's enjoying her screen house.
There's a young miss who knows what she wants. Maybe in another life she was an interior decorator.
Ann said…
Well isn't it nice that she's able to make interior design decisions like that...lol

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