I've Got This

It was still early when they arrived.  Coming upstairs to wash my coffee cup and make my breakfast, I saw them as soon as I went to the kitchen windows.  Grabbing the camera, I really didn't think about the fact that the screens are in (making the photos unclear so for that I apologize).  However, it's the story that matters.

There were three hens and numerous poults. (I could not tell yet if they were jennys or jakes nor could I tell to which hen they belonged, although I did see the hen in these shots chase away one of the poults, indicating it was definitely not hers!

As one of the hens began to round up her brood, they all calmly walked over to the wooden fence and closed gate.  Slowly, one by one I watched each poult disappear under the fence.  Sure there were a few that were reluctant, but mom kept urging them onward, as if to say, "You've got this".  Rounding up the last two, she soon scooted them safely under. 

Then suddenly the lights went on and she realized that all her babies were on the other side of the fence while she was not.  Although I have no definitive proof, I do believe that this hen could have been "Looser".  (That speculation is totally based on her behavior when she realized she was on this side and they were on the other....it was the pacing.)

Here we go again, I thought.  And sure enough, she began pacing back and forth in front of the darn fence.  (I should tell you here that I had the Pres cut off the bottoms of the gate's 1x4"s after so many sad, pathetic, frantic pacing episodes all Summer so that a full grown turkey can slip under.)  Apparently, she didn't figure that out as she continued to pace frantically.

And then it happened...she was airborne!

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I've Got This 

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Linda said…
So glad she figured out a way to get to the little ones!
Hootin' Anni said…
Amazing. Oh how nature & ALL animals intrigue & fascinate me. And what an awesome sighting! (I now will have to wash MY coffee cup in hopes of something special like this happens for me.)

Thanks so much for sharing your blog with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.
eileeninmd said…
It is cool to see the turkeys in your yard. Funny story. I am glad Mom was able to join her babies. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

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