Just Around The Corner

Although jumping on the highway and interstate may be a bit of a drive, living out in a rural area has it's redeeming qualities.  Sure it may take thirty minutes to get to your BFF's house, yet you can almost always experience something unique going to and or coming from their house.

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Just Around The Corner

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I wholeheartedly agree, JP. I have that in Michigan. But oh, what a pretty drive to everywhere!

RobertN said…
Beautiful click.
eileeninmd said…
Pretty reflection! A lovely spot! Enjoy your day and weekend!
Tom said…
...and a reflective corner!
Know what you mean. I love the views I see daily as I move around my town. The fog/clouds change minute by minute.
Rob Siemann said…
Simple and effective
Dragonstar said…
That's so pretty!

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