Just Because

Meeting Margaret when we lived in Virginia was yet another great experience.  To me, she was the epitome of femininity...always...even when working in her yard.  She baked cakes "just because" and was not shy about sharing her old recipes and tips for baking with me.  I adored her.  Visiting her one afternoon after her husband Jack had passed away, I told her that the smell of strawberries was so strong when we got out of the truck, I couldn't wait to pick.  "Oh no JP, you don't smell strawberries.  You smell my Strawberry Bush that's in bloom."

Walking us over to a massive bush, she told the Pres to grab a shovel out of the back of his truck and dig some out.  He did and when we left Virginia, I told the Pres that I wasn't leaving the entire bush there.  Taking a gallon size pot with us to plant here may have been risky but as it turned out, it loves it here too!!  (That gallon size Euonymus americanus is now about 12' wide, 5' deep and 6' tall.)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Just Because

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Ann said…
I love how so many of your plants have a story and a memory of friends or family.
A beautiful story about friendship and a wonderful plant.
Is this Calycanthus floridus L? in My country is called: Kielichowiec wonny.
Greetings from far away Poland:)
That flower is just beautiful and I love your sweet story too. It's nice to share things like this on our blogs! Enjoy your Sunday!
Linda said…
And I have never heard of a strawberry bush. How grand❤️Linda@Wetcreek Blog
What a beautiful story, JP... and now I need a strawberry bush too. Thank you! Love, Andrea xoxo

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