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Up early as usual, I was at the gym by 7:30.  Who knew that two hours later when on my way home, I would spot a few very large birds in the distance.  I wonder exactly where they are, I thought.  Now heading in that direction, I thought if they were near the river and easy enough to get to, I'd investigate.  Parking the car I took two quick shots with my cell before getting the binoculars out of the back seat (remind me I need to clean my car!!).  

Recognizing the high pitched almost whistling sounds, I said out loud "Osprey."  Taking a closer look...sure enough... a pair of adult Osprey (aka sea hawk, river hawk, fish hawk) chattering away with what I believe was this year's fledgling.  A young Osprey takes it's first flight at 7-8 weeks, then practices flying and perching near the male's feeding perch calling when the male returns with food (which is what I photographed with my cell).

Once home, I emailed my friend, Mike (my guru on Bald Eagles) and asked if he knew who to contact regarding the activity and the nest.  With his help and that of Google, I found information on Osprey Nation - CT Audubon, which was my answer. 

Long story short, because I am diurnal like the Bald Eagle and Osprey, I volunteered to steward this Osprey nest from April-August in 2020.  Returning to do additional observations a few days later, I will send in weekly reports for the next few weeks to finish up this season. 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

More Raptor Work

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Stewart M said…
Clearly it pays to get up early and go to the gym!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
what ana amazing nest, it will be fascinating to steward it!
Rambling Woods said…
Lately I am the great horned night owl....Having trouble sleeping... I got to see an osprey fish the pond once here in the yard..amazing..Michelle..I had to do that picture verification 6 times...I can't see the darn things...

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