More Than One

Usually my day slows down late in the afternoon.  That's when I get to "flop".  Curling up in one of the wicker chairs under the pergola, I generally take the camera, and a tall glass of water and I wait.  This particular afternoon, rather than settling for just one hummingbird, I tried to catch two in the same frame...LOL!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

More Than One

with you and those at

And lastly, this one is my favorite.  I think it's sticking out it's tongue at me, thinking...get lost lady...LOL!!!!


Wow, oh wow. Great photos. Your patience is paying off. I'd be happy just to get one hummingbird in a photo, let alone two. Do you have any problems with squirrels trying to get into that feeder, or do you have a squirrel baffle further down that pole to block them? I have a birdseed feeder, but after seeing your hummingbird photos for awhile now, I'm thinking about getting a feeder for them, too.
Gayle said…
Don't you love it when they face you and buzz right at you? Had one do that just this morning; not once but several times. haha
eileeninmd said…
They are sweet birds! Wonderful captures of the hummers. Wishing you a happy day!
It's tough getting them in the same frame. It's time for the male hummers to head south and I see several here on some days. Can't believe its mid August already. Goldenrods are starting to bloom here and you know that old adage about first frost coming 6 weeks later.
Ann said…
These are wonderful
Anni said…
Get lost?'s just having a good time posing for you!

Thanks so much for linking in this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'.
Rambling Woods said…
Magical little birds...great captures...they are so fast...Michelle

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