Not all the visitors to our yard are fine upstanding citizens.  Although we don't have a vegetable garden this Summer, Katniss and I have seen Chuck, the growing-fatter-by-the-day Woodchuck multiple times a day.  It really is quite cute actually and continues to be evasive which is fine by me.  It vacates rapidly when I take one step off the deck while the local gray squirrels continue to be as brazen as can be.  

However, not everything that frequents our yard is "riffraff.".  As with most of my posts, this one has a happy ending too.  It's when I see the "Looser" and her family saunter through that I feel a smile show up on my face.

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Michelle said…
Love seeing those turkey chicks. So cute! We see them sometimes on our farm.
Janice said…
Well, even riffraff has a purpose, I guess.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, Nice variety of critters and photos.. It is cool to see the baby turkeys. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Hope your day is great, wishing you a happy new week!
Linda said…
Nice shots. Woodchucks and other critters can certainly ruin a garden. I understand why farmers shoot them, even though it seems mean.
Seeing wild things rather close is such a treat!

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