Sight Unseen

With the arrival of "air" once again this morning, I decided to play hookie from the gym.  Actually it was the Weatherman's fault....LOL!!  He said, " Do something outside today.  It's going to a beautiful day."    So, after 3 1/2 hours of paddling when I saw this bridge, I thought it would make a great black and white.  I NEVER saw the reflection...:)  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Sight Unseen

with you and those at

Black and White Weekend


Gayle said…
Like we always say, those surprises in a photo just proves we just hold the camera.
Linda said…
👍🏻Great shot and extra credit for the reflection! Even if you didn’t notice it until later. 😘Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Ann said…
Nice shot. Glad you got out and did something fun
Cath said…
great shot....I often take a photo and only notice the reflection after...then kick myself for not noticing it before. Thanks for visiting me at Cath@Home and leaving a comment.
A great photo and beautiful reflections in the water.

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