The Old Lamp.A Story of Treasures

When we lived in Virginia, I used to frequent one of the local antique barns.  Owned and operated by Gary, it was my favorite place to go dig for treasures.  Finding this lamp was just what I needed for a particular corner in the old log home and searching for a lamp shade was yet another challenge.  When we moved back home (CT), I was not about to leave the lamp so in the truck it went.

Relocated to my "office," Katniss immediately took a liking to it once she "moved in and took over."  WHY?  The base, as you can see, has feet and makes a purrfect hiding place for her small treasures.

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The Old Lamp
A Story of Treasures

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#1- I lifted the lamp to expose these treasures

#2- Katniss moves in quickly, scooting her green spike underneath.
#3.  Hiding behind my chair as I took pix, Katniss waits patiently to finish hiding her "treasures."


I love that old world map lamp shade. The lamp itself looks great too. And I see your cat is like mine: finds fun toys to play with in every day household items. (Mine likes to shoot soda bottle tops around like hockey pucks. Usually all of his toys end up under furniture, and I have to retrieve all of them for him, once they all disappear.)
I had no idea that cats hid things. Is this just Katniss or true in all cats? I think the lamp is beautiful!

Ann said…
If only those little treasures came out as easily as they go under that lamp :)
betty-NZ said…
It's so interesting and fun when your favorite piece in the house is loved by others!!

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