The Power of Flight

These critters are just a few that make flying look easy.  Zipping through the air effortlessly, soaring high then diving quickly in to land on their target, I often find myself spellbound.  The other afternoon, right before the sun disappeared in the West, I couldn't believe how many bugs the dragonflies snapped out of the air!  They zipped to and fro, up and down and seemed to vanish with sunshine.  I tried to get photos but the dragonflies were too far out of range.

Now these two were practically on top of me when I went to weed on the South side of the house.  Hungry for their sugar water, they were within reach and didn't care that I was in there among the wispy,white Gaura and tall, purple Liatris, which has spread so much this year.

Although not in flight, I have the utmost respect and admiration of the Eastern Phoebes that come and stay here all Spring and Summer.  Between them and the Eastern Bluebirds, the moth population is kept under control.  Besides, how could I not appreciate the Phoebe?  After all, while living in VA, when their nest was close to falling down and I attempted to place a ladder with a coco lined basket on top catch the nest and brace it's fall, the female attacked me.  Her attack caused me to loose my balance and fall off the ricking chair!!  Lesson learned:  never stand on a rocking chair.

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The Power of Flight

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Gayle said…
Fogive me for laughing about the Phoebe but just last evening I was buzzed by a hummingbird a couple times. He came in very close as I was sitting on the swing minding my own business. I can't help but wonder if it was the polka dot visor I was wearing.

P.S. thank you for your oh so encouraging comment on my photo of the clouds over Lake Erie.
Stewart M said…
With the possible exception of balloons, human flight is all about the application of massive force, I love the way animals seem to do with such apparent gentleness. Butterflies (and other insects) especially!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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