Water Weight

Whether you're male or female, you're familiar with the term.    

So, while you're thinking about water weight and what it means to you, add this into the mix...

In the Spring, I went to my favorite nursery and bought a hanging basket.  Excited that they had finally received them from their grower, I paid for the  massive pride and joy and helped Lisa load it in the back of my car.  That day, when I got home, the Pres was "shooting the breeze" with our friend from down the road.  Knowing that if I asked the Pres to put up a hanger on the pergola in front of Marty, the Pres would likely do it right away, I didn't hesitate to tell them about the new plant I'd just bought.

Sure enough I no sooner mentioned that I needed a plant hung and both of them were scrounging through the screws while I dug out the black wrought iron hanger and small piece of chain.  It was Marty who suggested hanging it at the far corner because, as he said, "You can see it coming up the gravel road, and also from your decks in back."  And he was right.  The spot was perfect....except for when I had to water it.

Climbing up on one of the wicker chairs, I either water it while it's hanging or take it down, water it and then try to get it back up onto the hook.  Unfortunately, all that additional water weighs a ton making it very hard to get up above my head.  Although it's been a struggle, I got it done.

HOWEVER, knowing that the plant was only going to continue to grow the rest of the Summer, I decided that my good old "6 P's" (Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance) needed to be added to the mix.  It didn't take long for me to find a video done by none other than Martha Stewart on watering hanging plants easily.  Taking my old iPad upstairs, I asked the Pres to just take a look.  A few minutes into the video, he said, "I have pulleys in the garage.  All you have to get is the roping and you'll be all set."

After a few screws and me trying to learn how to tie a bowline knot (hint: the rabbit comes up the hole, goes around the tree and down the hole), my monster can now be raised and lowered with ease!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Water Weight

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Beautiful plant. And how clever of Martha Stewart to have a great solution like that.
Linda said…
Great idea.👍đŸģI stopped hanging plants when I realized lifting anything above my waist was a challenge. Lovely flowers đŸŒē Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Ann said…
That's a beautiful plant. Good idea with the pulley.
betty-NZ said…
What a fantastic solution to your problem! Thanks for sharing.

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