Why I Go

Early evening paddles have their benefits.  Avoiding the heat of the day and usually the crowds, this says it all.  Hoping that scenes like this don't bore you, when I came across it in my file of resized images, I wondered why I never labelled it "POSTED."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Why I Go

with you and those at


Beautiful scenery and great reflections in the water. This type of photo never bores me. It is peaceful and tranquil looking. What a great way to end the day, with this evening paddle. I'm glad you found this photo and posted it.
Ann said…
It's a beautiful view. I would much prefer to be out there enjoying that by myself than in a crowd of people.
Michelle said…
That is a really nice shot. No doubt you enjoyed that view.
Linda said…
Lovely image! Have a nice weekend.
I totally get it. So beautiful, relaxing, and hopefully some solitude without the crowds. Gorgeous image!
James said…
One of the most beautiful reflections ever!

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