Today we have AIR!  It is a cool 56 degrees and as soon as I eat breakfast, I am heading outside to catch up on some yard-work. 

Watching the devastation that hurricane Dorian, let alone the potential for tornadoes in the Carolinas as it heads North, makes me even more thankful for the quiet, cool day and the life I have.  I am beyond lucky and beyond thankful...:)

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I'm with you, JP. Such devastation from Dorian! Here in northern Indiana the worst we ever get is a blustery snow storm with lake-affect snow during the winter months. After it's over, we shovel out & we're finished with it. Now that we're retired, sometimes we don't even shovel and simply watch the snow fly from the picture window. I consider ourselves lucky too and am so happy you are as well. Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
The cooler weather here has been wonderful too. I love summer but the heat really gets to me sometimes
betty-NZ said…
Nature certainly has many faces, whether it's a beautiful garden or a devastating hurricane.

I'm happy to see your link on 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up!

My Corner of the World
Oh, your sweet autumn clematis is gorgeous!! We're enjoying cool morning weather too, thank goodness. Days still get warm though, warmer than usual.

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