Finding Our Bird

Monitoring the Opsrey nests for the past two months has been another learning experience for me and I continue to learn.  For instance, remember I told you about the second nest I found having a dead adult in the nest?  Well, my more recent photos revealed that our dead bird was suddenly gone making things even more of a mystery for the woman in charge of the Osprey project.  Attempts were made to contact the owners hoping to remove the bird and perform a necropsy.  However, those attempts were unsuccessful.

So, thinking that if I could find out what happened to the bird, it would help, and since I seem to have an "Inspector Clouseau/Watson" persona, I told the woman in charge of the Osprey project that I'd go exploring.  I was convinced that nothing carried our dead bird away but rather that it was blown off the top of the tower along with nesting material.  

Locating a dirt road that seemed to run toward the cell tower and about 1/2 mile in, I spotted the overgrown field to the left where the tower was located.  Being tick-proofed and prepared for the walk in was half the battle although I had brought things with me in case I needed to handle the carcass as well.

I couldn't get past the chain-link fencing surrounding the tower itself, yet was able to walk the perimeter and scrutinize the underbrush and surrounding conifers.  I did come across several feathers that I believed to be Osprey and it wasn't long after that when I got to the North side of the tower and looked up.  There was our bird.  It was on the second level of the tower, feathers visible through the grating.  

"At least we know what happened to it," is how "M" and I ended our conversation.  

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Finding Our Bird

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You certainly were quite the bird detective, JP. Sorry to see the evidence of the osprey’s demise.

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