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This time of the year, the spiders are extremely busy.  Seeing more and more large webs lately than I remember seeing long before Fall officially arrives, I wonder if it's an indication of a bad Winter.  Based on the size of this web, (and this link 20 Signs of A Hard Winter) I think I'd better ask the Pres to get the snowblower ready, don't you?

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Now it doesn't get much more beautiful than that, does it?
Gayle said…
Great capture! That does look thick and sturdy. Never thought about the weather before.
Lea said…
Beautiful photo of the spider's web!
Thanks for the link to the Weather Signs. I had heard most of them before, but pigs gathering sticks?!!!
Have a wonderful day!
NCSue said…
Isn't it fascinating to see spider webs? Such artistry!
Thanks for dropping by to share your photo at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/09/a-visitor.html
The spiders are busy down here too. The webs are beautiful but they're everywhere.
Ann said…
I've heard that this is supposed to be a bad winter. Something I read said it's supposed to be a polar coaster with temps as low as -40 and lots of snow. That has me a bit nervous.
I hope that's not a sign of a coming hard winter. Ugh. Great photo, though.

Also, if you have time, could you please take a look at Kathy's Bald Eagle photos to see if you can tell if they're an adult pair, or an adult with a juvenile? Thanks. Her photos are in her blog post:

Michelle said…
A spider web is such a wonder to me. This one is a beauty.
What a great capture of a spider web, JP, something I have never quite done successfully. I somehow deleted your blog link from my sidebar and so glad to see a recent comment on Sandra's blog which reminded me to re-add it. Plan to catch up a bit and read some previous posts.
Debbie said…
a nice capture of this very large web...the hubs refers to them as free halloween decorations!!

this time of year, when i walk outside, i lead with a broom!!!
I never knew there was a relation between the two. I think webs are beautiful but I always seem to run into them. Gives me the shivers to think of what may crawl into my ear.

carol l mckenna said…
Awesome photography!

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