Limited Talents

Unfortunately, unlike many of you bloggers (Ann, I am talking to YOU), I am not talented when it comes to crafts.  My sister got all that talent and I "got nothin'."  Oh sure, I can decorate my house or decorate for the holidays but as far as being "crafty," I'm beyond limited.  While I can mow a lawn, weed whack for hours, climb ladders to clean gutters, run a 50" snowblower, lift, carry and pull with the best of them, I am "limited".

For instance, asking "Boss" if we could add my Eagle carving to our float in the annual parade this year, I wasn't surprised by his resounding response.  "Yes, that's a great idea.  We'll anchor it to the front of the canoe somehow."  

And now, because I opened my big mouth, I not only am on the "float committee" but I have been sitting here PAINTING A BALD EAGLE!!

 It had become rather weather beaten.  So after a trip to the hardware store and buying some sample size jars of paint, I went to work.  For it's body, we have some stain which I think will cover some of the sun damage nicely.  

After it is used in our parade, I'll put it back out in the yard.

Unfortunately I'll have to find a new place for it since the pileated woodpecker has just about destroyed the old tree stump which is apparently riddled with ants.  Since it is/was a good source of protein packed insects, it became the favored spot of the very shy, yet very boisterous Pileated Woodpecker.

Almost regularly each morning, it's shriek has become all too familiar as it sits on the edge of the woods waiting to make it's appearance.  Did you know that the Pileated Woodpecker is not only a sedentary inhabitant but also an insectivorous native to North America, the Great Lakes and the forests of Canada as well as the Pacific Coast?

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Limited Talents

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Ann said…
Well I may be crafty but there are a whole lot of things that you can do that I can'
That eagle looks great. So what is the parade for? You have your own float? You need to take pictures of it when it's done.
kathyinozarks said…
Wow I would say you are very crafty your eagle looks awesome. Our pair of eagles is back sitting up high in those trees most every day now. I love to watch them. I recognize there calls now-pretending they are talking to me haha
Those piliated woodpeckers are so fun to watch too-we had them at our woods home haven't see or heard one here at the lake house yet.
Michelle said…
I would say you are crafty and talented! That eagle is some excellent work!
Looks like you are doing auite a nice job with the eagle restoration JP and I am not a crafts person either, but when necessity calls, it’s amazing what ine can do and you are doing it well!
I can’t do any of those things you can do so well nor am I a crafter. Some people are here just to appreciate other people’s talents ... and I do. Thanks for sharing yours. And tell me more about that parade your handsomely renovated eagle is going to star in.
You may not feel crafty but you are an artist.
Pileated woodpeckers are such handsome birds. You are lucky to have one coming into your garden.

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