Relationships Change

Over the Summer, when it was too hot and humid to spend much time outdoors, I discovered, and developed I might add, a whole new relationship with my kitchen.  Cleaning it thoroughly resulted in getting rid of the "no longer needed" things that had accumulated and my vowing to keep my life uncluttered going forward.

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Relationships Change
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Ann said…
I need to do that in my kitchen. I opened the one droor the other day and realized there are way too many utensils in there
We too have far too many things in our kitchen as well. JP. But you know the minute you get rid of an "excess" item you will be looking for it the next week 😕
Linda said…
Oh, good for you! I need to do this.
I've been doing the same thing. It feels good to get rid of some of those things, because I just feel so much more organized - Which for me, is a big deal! :-)
James said…
Uncluttered sounds good! Especially when it reveals reflections. :-)

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