Starting Over

Attending the first class of the Beginner Photography Class last week was "eye opening."  First I have to say that there's a lot to know about operating a camera and taking photos when you are NOT in "Auto" mode!!

The next thing I'll tell you is that I'm in trouble already.  Some of my fellow classmates are presently in jobs where photography is a must and already understand the meaning of aperture mode versus Shutter Speed mode and things like determining focal distance, knowing the difference between "blur" and "out of focus", depth of field, etc.  My mind is still spinning and although I'm looking forward to the next class, I'm determined to try!!

The day after class, I went out in the yard and set up the tripod to practice "panning" while watching the birds at the feeder.  As I sat moving the camera, trying to keep up with the motion of the erratic flight pattern of various birds, a bunch of Nuthatches came in.  And since I LOVE Nuthatches, I forgot about all the things our instructor mentioned (for the most part) and just enjoyed the birds.

However, I had heard the words of the instructor saying to use "Shutter" Mode and look...I got a bird in flight WITH WINGS!!! 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...
Starting Over
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Ann said…
That would be me. I know about aperture, shutter speed and all the rest but I don't fully understand it. When I've tried to get it, it just boggles my mind. Good for you remembering what the instructor said and getting that great shot. Have fun with the classes
eileeninmd said…

I could use a class on how to use my camera, lol. My go to has always been the auto mode. Love the cute Nuthatch. Happy weekend.
kathyinozarks said…
Sounds like fun but challenging-Have fun with it-always good to learn new things. Love your photos-especially the last one.
Just keep on trying. Proficiency as a photographer does not happen overnight, and some serious discipline is needed, i know you can do it!
Michelle said…
I know you will do well! Don't give up!
I have tried to go off auto but not at all successfully. The one class I took, the guy teaching it was so boring I gave up after two classes. I should look again for a good class. You inspire me.
Stewart M said…
Turning off Auto is the start of a long journey - but with a bird feeder like that, you will have no shortage of action to practice on!

Have fun.

Cheers - Stewart M - Darwin, NT, Australia
Yes, I will admit ti also using auto mode on cameras that do include full manual mode. I understand a few of the things you mentioned here, JP, and commend you for trying the panning method, which I haven’t tried in a long time. It’s used quite a lot in sports photos as well. None of my present cameras have a zoom lens, so sports photos wouldn’t work out for me now. Kudos to you on capturing that bird in flight.

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