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Trimming Katniss' nails ever since she was a kitten hasn't been too difficult until recently.  For whatever reason, she has been giving me a rough time and since I get no help from the Pres for the task, I made an appointment with my Vet tech. 

Dreading the visit to the Vet Tuesday to get her nails done would be another fun trip especially since she doesn't care for riding in the car either.  For whatever reason as soon as the car is in motion, she meows and meows until I come to a stop or put the car in park.  Thinking that she would be nasty to the tech, I gave Sarah ample warning and suggested that I hold Katniss by the scruff of the neck.  She agreed and began clipping. However, to my surprise, Katniss was on her best behavior...didn't fuss, didn't squirm...nothing...just sat there letting Sarah trim away.  Making a complete liar out of me, my little "rodent" could have won an Oscar for her performance!!

When we got home, I let her out of her carrier and she immediately ran downstairs to get a few nibbles of her cat food, came back upstairs, went into her "screen room," curled up and was out like a light. 

Little did I know that getting your nails done was so exhausting!  Personally I think it was the acting that pooped her out!

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The Actress

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jo(e) said…
When we had cats, I was always surprised at how meek and docile they were at the vet's. And he made things like giving them medication sound easy ("Just pop the pill down their throat") ....
Ann said…
Oh what a stinker.
She is rather a cute actress, JP.
likeschocolate said…
Sorry, it has been so difficult. What a drama Queen you have!
Lea said…
Pretty Kitty!
With 2 cats and a dog, a trip to the vet is always an adventure. The dog is easier than the cats, because the cats are so unpredictable. One time they may be docile and sweet, and the next time it is yowling and scratching!
Have a wonderful day!
NCSue said…
Cats can be such hams - I know mine are!
Thanks for sharing at

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