Bright and Early

You all know I NEVER, and I mean NEVER stay up late...EVER.  So, when I heard about the arrival of the "Hunter's Moon," I did a work around.

A "work around" is a term introduced to me by one of my former bosses.  She always told us to have a plan B in case plan A didn't work.  Plan B was also known as "a work around."

My work around was to get the shot when I got up...bright and early.  For everything I learned from her, I am grateful.

just seeing, saying, and sharing..

Bright and Early

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eileeninmd said…
Beautiful moon! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend ahead.
Gayle said…
My kind of plan. It's hard to beat early morning. Especially not with late night.
That worked very well! The Hunter moon is just beautiful! What great photos! Enjoy your afternoon!
Ann said…
AWESOME. That is a great shot
Michelle said…
I also never stay up late. I just can't do it! Love the term, "work around". That is one I can use :) Thanks for linking up today.

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