Color Me Perfect

Stopping by some of my favorite spots to insure I don't miss "Fall" has proven to be a most beautiful and memorable time.  This Fall our colors are insanely gorgeous...perhaps due to the wet Spring.  Considering we've had a lot of very windy days lately, as you can see, there are still tons of leaves left to enjoy.

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Color Me Perfect
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Those are intense colours. Some of our maples still have golden leaves, but many are almost down to bare limbs. - Margy
Ann said…
Pretty. The colors have really started to pop out around here
kathyinozarks said…
Gorgeous-I love fall too-very pretty here too in the Ozarks Happy weekend Kathy
Gayle said…
So pretty to look at; both real and reflection.
Our area is renown for fall foliage. But not so much this year. Not much in the way of red and certain trees are already bare in large sections.
Thanks for sharing.

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