Fortunately Fate

Two recent fortunes inside the two fortune cookies I devoured read:

"If you understand what you're doing, you are not learning anything."

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it."

Hmmmm?  Have you ever wondered about WHY things are said, read and or experienced in your life?  Is it coincidence?  Is it fate?  Was it really meant to be? Is it a lesson to be learned?  Is it to serve as a reminder of something you needed to do?  Whatever it is, I believe actions speak louder than words, leaving me no alternative but to act.

While we worked out in the yard over the weekend, two immature Bald Eagles flew over our yard., although the Pres did not notice them.    Hearing the red-tailed hawks over the tree-line and then noticing the huge shadows on the lawn, I looked up only to see two immature Bald Eagles, one slightly ahead of the other.  I believe they were heading in the direction of the river.

Yes, Bald Eagle season is approaching and I've been doing a little prior proper planning over the past few months.   I've been doing a little "networking" shall we say by stopping in at a few organizations, introducing myself and leaving my contact information.  These few places could be beneficial in both following and locating a pair of Bald Eagles that have been seen habitually.

The National Eagle survey doesn't take place until January 2020 and although only one of these locations is on the prescribed route for our team, my getting my foot in the door was a very, very good thing and, quite honestly, a big accomplishment.  You see, the well known, long established practice of said organization does not allow women to be members.  Nor can I (as a spouse of a member in good standing) trespass on their property unless I am accompanied by the member.

In eight years, I've been able to get the Pres to get up early and accompany me ONCE because number one, he doesn't like to get up early and number two, has no interest in Bald Eagles.  However, he has helped me quite a bit and for that I am grateful.  You see, after sending the President of their club an email introducing myself and telling him what I do, the announcement was made by the President of the organization at their last meeting.  "A woman by the name of JP has been given permission to access this property any time.  Under no circumstances is she to be questioned/bothered."

When the Pres came home from his meeting and told me that Bill made the announcement to all members, I was over the top with gratitude.  And yes, as I informed Bill, the President of the organization, I will keep them on the loop as far as sightings and my findings go.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Fortunately Fate

with and those at

TI (time in)-7:15 AM  
Adult (presumed male based on size) sat quietly in pine until 9:26 AM.
9:33 AM-Looking in all directions, it began chirping/calling loudly (for it's mate??)
9:53 AM-Flew up river (Northerly direction)
TO (time out)-10:00 AM 


eileeninmd said…

Having access to the property, that is great news. I hope the eagle sightings are plentiful. Great photo. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!
Ann said…
You've made history being the first woman to have access to the property without a member. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
What an archaic regulation that was, JP, and how absurd. So glad you broke through and will forward to reading about your sightings.
I don't even know what to say about that membership thing. Glad you will be reporting on the eagles though. Maybe this will lead to them coming into the modern world.
kathyinozarks said…
that's awesome! "our" eagle pair is sitting up in that tree across for our lake home right now-I know their calls now so looked and there they were-loving it-

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