Friends Are For Hugging

Heading to the gym as usual last Wednesday morning, I spotted my photographer friend right away.  Placing my water bottle on the treadmill next to his, I leaned over and said, "Save my spot.  I've got to pee."  As soon as I walked into the locker room, I saw Diane just finishing up drying her hair before she left for work.  Talking to her for about 5 minutes before I hit the bathroom, I quickly headed back to the treadmill. 

Originally I planned on telling my photographer friend about the class thus far as well as the time I spent at the lake playing with various apertures, shutter speeds and ISO settings but that didn't happen...well not completely.   

Stepping off the treadmills (because he had to get ready for work), we stood in the isle talking when a mutual friend walked up to us.  With arms outstretched as always he came close to hug me and said, "Wait right here.  I have something for you in my car, JP."  Moments later he hand me this.

Hugging and kissing him on the cheek three times all while saying, "Thank you...I love it.  That was so sweet of you to think of me," I became teary-eyed.  I was (and still am) so touched by his thoughtfulness that later in the week when I thanked him again, he told me he "felt the gratitude."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...
Friends Are For Hugging
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Ann said…
What a sweet thing to do and it's the perfect calendar for you

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