After returning home from a four hour paddle, I needed a nap.  So, after putting the camera on the charger, grabbing a quick egg salad sandwich, I headed downstairs to my room.  Closing the room darkening drapes to prevent the late afternoon sun from peeking in, I covered up with my favorite cotton blanket and closed my eyes.

The first thing I felt was the weight of Katniss jump on the bed.  No need to take the blanket off from over my head...it was her, I thought. 

Moments later I peeked out from the blanket, saw the light, said, "Katniss I see you," and grabbed the phone on the nightstand.  (You might want to zoom in...it's a riot!! My "little rodent" looks like an alien!!!)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


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Ann said…
Call me blind but I don't see her anywhere

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